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Calvin Klein Men Suits

When you want a suit that will turn heads, look no further than Calvin Klein. Leading the way in modern styling, Calvin Klein brings you the Extreme Slim Cut or X-Fit. Combining wool with spandex and lycra gives a flexible, shape-hugging fit like no other. Compared with the Classic Fit, the X-Fit features higher armholes and narrow sleeves. The X-Fit is also cut closer through the chest, sleeves, and waist. The trousers are skinny fit with a low-rise waist and narrow legs.

For a slightly less shape-hugging cut, try on the slim fit. These suits are also tailored with higher armholes and narrow sleeves and legs but have a little more space in the shoulders and waist.

Another option is the Infinite Stretch suit by Calvin Klein. These suits are made with 95% wool and 5% elastane, giving them the ability to move with you throughout the day and evening.

Calvin Klein Modern, or Athletic, Fit features only slightly higher armholes and narrower shoulders. The pants sit at the natural waist and have wider legs.

Finally, for a more relaxed suit or jacket, check out the classic Calvin Klein at ISW Menswear. These suits have a more generous cut through the chest and waist. The pants ride at the natural waistline and have a full trouser leg.

No matter what your physical shape or the amount of mobility you desire, you will find a classic and classy Calvin Klein suit to fit your personal needs.