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Slim Fit Sport Coats

Traditionally associated with Italian or European suits, slim fit jackets have taken the world by storm. They fit close to the body without using excess fabric, but shouldn’t feel tight. The slim fit tends to flatter the wearer’s body, so it has become a favorite of lean and athletic men. That said, you don’t have to possess a superhero physique to wear one — by selecting the right size and style, all kinds of body types will look good in a slim fit jacket.

Slim fit jackets tend to have a slightly higher lapel but a lower button. They are also usually a bit shorter than classic or modern fit jackets. These traits give the appearance of a slightly lengthened torso and can create an athletic look in the number of body types. This has helped make the slim fit look a popular choice for the modern gentleman who desires a fit contemporary look.

Our selection of slim fit jackets includes modern designers like Berragamo and Calvin Klein. We have plenty of classic solid colors to choose from, but the slim fit tends towards a more modern look, so if you feel daring to consider one of our non-traditional colors or patterns.

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