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Slim Fit Suit Separates

If you aren’t familiar with the term “slim fit,” allow us to elaborate. With traditional suit designs, you have some excess material in various parts of the outfit. Typically, these excesses help create the right shape of your body, as well as enable you to have flexibility while moving.

With slim fit suits, however, the jacket and pants are more form-fitting, meaning that they accentuate your body type more efficiently and help you customize your look accordingly.

Unfortunately, because slim fit suits are closer to your body, they don’t allow for much fluctuation. The jacket may fit well today, but a few months from now, it may get a little tighter or looser, depending on your circumstances.

If and when that happens, don’t resign yourself to buying a whole new suit. Instead, let ISW Menswear make it easier for you by providing a selection of slim fit separates. This way, you can upgrade your jacket or pants individually without having to toss the rest of your old suit.

Overall, buying separate pieces is a better option for a couple of different reasons. First, it ensures that you have the right fit for your whole body without having to do a ton of tailoring. Second, it enables you to mix and match colors and styles so that you can find one that fits your personality as well as your body.