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No matter who you are, you want to make sure that your suit fits perfectly. Fortunately, modern fit suits are ideal for most men, since they offer a bit more breathability than a slim version, and they aren’t as bulky as classic fit options.

Unfortunately, however, as well as a suit fits right now, life can sometimes have other plans. If your suit ever gets damaged or worn out, you may resign yourself to having to shop for a whole new outfit. Thankfully, at ISW Menswear, we make it easier for you to find a replacement.

Do your pants fit well, but the jacket is too large or too tight? Does the coat fit perfectly, but you need new pants? Regardless of the situation, modern fit separates are here to the rescue.

While you could spend time and money getting repairs or tailoring your clothes to fit you better, we believe that it’s much simpler and more affordable to buy individual pieces with our separates collection.

This way, you can customize your suit without having to pay custom prices. Even if your current suit is in mint condition, buying separates allows you to adjust your style without breaking the bank. Try new jackets with different pants and vice versa. Let your creativity run wild with our selection of modern fit separates.

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