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Calvin Klein Infinite Stretch Suit

For most men, the look and feel of a nice suit is the most vital aspect when wearing one. However, the brand you choose can also have an impact on how well the clothes adhere to your personal style.

Calvin Klein is an excellent choice for everyone, but in this case, the Infinite Stretch Suit is designed for those with a smaller gait. Although the name implies that it’s built for men with extra heft, it’s more akin to an extreme slim fit style instead.

So, if you already have a toned and slight physique, you will want to give the Infinite Stretch a try. Best of all, at ISW Menswear, we offer prices that are significantly more affordable than you might expect for such a high-end brand. You can look your best without breaking the bank in the process.

These suits hug your form and accentuate it neatly with smooth, crisp lines. No matter which color you choose, you will look sharp and professional whenever you wear it. These suits are perfect for board meetings or a night on the town.

Also, because they do offer some stretchability, don’t assume that your movements will be restricted. The materials included are 95% wool and 5% elastane (where it counts), so you’ll have the flexibility to handle anything that comes your way.